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My Story - Bev Mann

I am a Spiritual Medium based in London, England and my soul purpose is helping other people to find theirs!

I am extremely passionate about my work as a Medium and I am dedicated to helping people connect with their loved ones who have passed over, uniting the two worlds together. I work with the love and guidance of the spirit world to bring evidence of the continuation and existence of life after ‘physical death’ and that our loved ones are only ever a thought away. I believe that there is only a fine veil between the dimensions of our two worlds and that we are still able to communicate with our loved ones and that – ‘Love Never Dies’. My mediumistic readings aim to reunite you, enabling you to chat together once more.

As an Intuitive and Empath I will help you understand your life’s journey and spiritual pathway and assist you with your daily life through my readings. It is my belief that many people are now starting to ‘wake up’ to their spiritual capabilities.  My passion is teaching others to learn about their inherent psychic and mediumistic gifts and how they can incorporate spiritual values into their everyday life. 

I have been officially developing my spiritual gifts for over twenty years. I trained extensively at the world renowned Arthur Findlay College at Stansted Hall in the UK. I am also a certified Teacher of Tony Stockwell’s Teaching in Excellence, and mentored under several well-known and respected mediums.

I am an expert Tarot and Intuituve Card reader. I am also a trained Reiki, Crystal and Spiritual healer. I believe that healing is an essential part of Mediumship, whether it be through the gift of spiritual healing or healing by way of a message from a loved one in spirit. 

I have been a tutor of Psychic and Mediumship skills for many years, both in the UK and abroad.  As a Teacher and Inspirer, it is my honour to share with you what I consider to be the true teachings of the spirit world. I am passionate about training my students in how to communicate with spirit by giving them the necessary skills to help them develop their mediumistic gifts. I prefer to teach natural mediumship and always encourage students to be unique with their style. I regularly run development groups, workshops and online mentoring programmes.

I am now a tutor for the Fox Pioneer Centre offering my own unique style of online mediumistic and development classes. 

I consider it to be my privilege to represent the spirit world and to be a beacon of light for others in this world.  My aim is to pass on knowledge, love and guidance within my readings and teachings worldwide, to bring inspiration, joy and harmony to all.   I endeavour to continue my work with the greatest compassion and respect and to always honour the name fondly given to me...

Bev Mann 

Mediumship from the Heart 

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