I feel it is true to say that I have been on my spiritual journey all my life. I encountered my first meeting with spirit whilst on a family holiday when I was a small child of around four years old. This was followed by many visits from the Spirit World over the years and it astonished me that I was able to see these people that others could not.

Over the years I was continually awoken by spirit, however, I knew they were real and not figments of my imagination or dreams. I understood that they came with only love and was therefore not afraid, just curious as to why I was ‘different’.

As a family we had many years of spirit activity, not only those experienced at home, but also whilst we were away. Consequently, I realised that it was me whose attention they were trying to seek. Out of the blue, I took up an offer from a relative to attend a development circle and never looked back.

After several years of sitting in spiritual circles, I heard a voice telling me to “attend a course at the Arthur Findlay College.” I knew that I had to go, even though it meant stepping out of my comfort zone. I need not have worried, for I found my ‘spiritual home’ amongst some wonderful friends who had travelled there from all over the world and they were not only the same as me but shared similar experiences. I was home!


During the many years of training at the College, several tutors told me independently that I myself was a spiritual teacher and that I should start teaching. Once again, I stepped out in trust and started my own development circles. Soon after, I was asked by several highly respected Mediums to run joint workshops and events both in the UK and abroad.

I now organize and teach my own workshops, developments groups and courses. I also attend private events, such as Evenings of Clairvoyance, Demonstrations of Mediumship, and charity events where I am able to support many charities close to my heart.


I am a trained Tarot reader, and facilitate tarot workshops with other highly respected Tutors/Mediums from the London College of Psychic Studies.


I am particularly passionate about the correct teaching of mediumship and how Mediums today are portrayed, as it is important to realize that we, as Mediums, are not only the representatives of the Spirit World but also others in our profession.


Having spent much time studying with those trained under the watchful eye of the great pioneers of spiritualism, I consider it my duty to help train others to understand their personal responsibility when dealing with people who come to us for love, help and guidance.


I will always endeavour to continue to study and feed my soul with knowledge as I do believe we never stop learning, even when we go to the other World!


My work is taking me worldwide and I am so honoured and humbled to be working with the love and guidance of the Spirit World.