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I had a wonderful reading today from Bev, she truly has an amazing connection with spirit. It was lovely to receive messages from my family in spirit which has brought great comfort. I would highly recommend this lovely lady. I would love to take one of her workshops so look forward to her coming back up to Scotland in the future. 😇


April 2020


I had a reading with Bev today. Wow what can I say, she is a lovely lady. Very intuitive and was spot on. I couldn't believe how much information she gave me. I would highly recommend her and I will certainly be booking a workshop, as this lady really knows her stuff 💖😇 x

April 2020


I had a reading with Bev Mann this afternoon. She was lovely, very easy to talk with and made so much sense.
I would highly recommend her!

April 2020


I had a reading with Bev back in November 2019 and she was brilliant. She's deeply intuitive and easily able to pick up messages from The Other Side. She contacted both one of my Grandmothers and my Father. My Father was with us for most of the hour, preferring to stay in the background for a little while, then gradually moving forwards, but that was my Father. That was the Scorpio in his chart. He opened up a bit more when he felt comfortable with people. It was lovely having that time with Bev and being able to speak with my Father again. Thank you, Bev.

November 2019


I had a fantastic reading from Bev last Wednesday. My mother and father came through but it was mostly my father who wanted to talk. Bev was spot on in her description of him in that he was a reserved man but once he felt you were OK, he would keep talking... and Dad did keep talking and talking.... and talking!! Bev is very intuitive and accurate and I would definitely recommend her to anyone else. Thanks, Bev.

November 2019


Just had my first reading with Bev. As soon as I walked into her special room I felt relaxed and comfortable

Bev managed to reach some of my very close relatives, which I was very happy about and also gave me some good advice.

I would highly recommend her for a reading and would definitely return one day.

She is a very spiritual person and I felt we connected as soon as we met.

October 2019


My darling Bev. Words couldn’t thank you enough for your amazing reading today. Your accuracy was amazing and an absolutely spot on reading. Gifted is an understatement of your amazing abilities. You are a born leader and teacher and anyone who crosses your path for healing and teaching will be taught from nothing but true love! ❤ You are beautiful inside and out; keep believing In yourself ! You are a true gift from god 🙏🏻

August 2019


Had an amazing reading with Bev, so accurate. She gave both of my parents names and also both their jobs, she described my late dog and also described a piece of my late mother's jewellery exactly.  I also had an aunt with a very unusual name that nobody could have known, Bev said her name as well.

August 2019


I had a brilliant reading with Bev. Everything was perfect and in lovely, peaceful surroundings. The one person I wanted, came to speak to me, through her and that made me happy. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her and will have another reading in the future.

21st July 2019


The other day I saw Bev for the 2nd time, once again she exceeded my expectations.  I cannot put into words how life changing it was again. Bev is so incredibly gifted. I left feeling so comforted and a lighter. Messages came through for me and a friend which we are so grateful for. Bev doesn't clock watch and is such a gorgeous person, who makes you feel SO calm, especially if you're nervous! I cannot recommend Bev enough and cannot wait to go again!!!! I'd be back tomorrow if I could! If you are considering going to a medium Bev is the person for you. 💗

2nd July



 I met with Bev Mann on Tuesday 25 June and the meeting was a revelation. My father came through to me with a bundle of sticks the metaphorical meaning of the sticks was explained to me by Bev who was awesome in her interpretation and explanation. I could feel the spirit present and even visualise the message, both made possible by the atmosphere and presence created by Bev.  Bev becomes one with the spirits before her and her power is extraordinary.

Bev also relayed a message from a very fond aunt of mine who had been a strong influence in my childhood and adolescence. What was so special about this message was the reference spirit made to a poem by Ernest Hemingway, the essence of the message was empowerment and when I later looked at Hemingway’s poetry one poem stood out.

The poem assimilates with the spirits message, they intertwine perfectly; and this was characteristic of the spirit giving the message; she was a highly educated, feminist, pioneer, who used words with power and influence.

To me the reading was meteoric, in time it will change me and I am so thankful to have met Bev, who is hugely talented and gifted but kind and caring with it.

25 June 2019


"Bev put me in contact with my husband who passed away in 2002 and I have been waiting for him to contact me since then. The evidence that she gave me was very detailed and accurate and I have since been able to move on and get closure on something that has been troubling me for all those years. A massive thanks to Bev who is a wonderful and compassionate lady whose services I cannot recommend enough"


Sam, Derby

"I had an amazing reading with Bev today, I cannot recommend this lady enough... this was my second reading and it was just totally unreal, thank you so so much 💗"

Julie, Northern Ireland

"I have had readings done by Beverley on a few occasions and each time has been a wonderful experience. She was spot on and I felt very comforted by the connections she made with lost relatives and friends. I would not hesitate to recommend lovely Beverley."


Wendy, London

"The recent reading I had with Beverley was quite incredible. A positive connection was made with spirit at the outset followed immediately with identifying current life issues and relaying positive directions to follow, amazing! .... So often our heart is crying out what path we should be taking but we so often fail to act upon it perhaps based upon fear, this is when a good reading is so supportive, comforting and with the help of cards and spirit guidance puts us back on the right path making us feel good about ourselves. Thank you Beverley for such a brilliant reading and restoring my confidence in decision making and confirming the path to follow."


Martin, Middx

"I visited Beverley Mann a few months ago for some guidance and inner peace and I found her to be a truly honest and caring medium. I felt the energy and love from my loved one in the spirit world through Beverley’s reading and it is proving to be a positive influence to me. I will certainly be returning to see Beverley again."


Lesley, London

"Beverley made me feel special, and also made me feel very comfortable. She even told me my profession and favourite pastime at the beginning of the reading. The evidence she gave was spot on and I knew who they were immediately as it was very specific information to myself and the contacts she brought through. The level of information was correct in all cases, relaying past and present. She also gave me guidance for the future, which was very much needed. I would not hesitate to recommend her."


Alison, Bristol

"I recently spent time with Bev, I had a wonderful reading where I felt and understood my grandmother in spirit. Bev gave me confirmation in many ways that the spirit of my grandmother was with us. This was a great experience and I am so thankful to Bev. A truly wonderful uplifting experience."


Simone, Hertfordshire

"Beverley was warm and welcoming. Her evidence was excellent. She described my parents down to a tee and then went on to describe their relationship and its effect on me. I found the explanation she gave me to be very positive and a great healing experience."


Yan, London

"Bev came to my house and read for all my friends. We had a very good evening. Bev is a very lovely warm and most caring person.  She gave everyone at least 30 minutes and they were all very happy with their readings. I have had the pleasure of having a few readings with Bev and I hope we will meet again soon"


Lisa, London

"I had a sitting with Beverley, and I had been thinking about all the things I wish I could have said to my son when he was still on earth. I have sat with many mediums over many, many years and I had been trying to contact my son for ten years, but without success. She brought forward a lady with a man – but reiterated it was not a married couple. She said he kept giving her the character ‘Andy cap’ and kept pointing to his head. I told her he is telling you that he was mentally handicapped. ‘Andy Cap=handicapped’. He could not communicate when he was on the earth, and that is the only way that he could give you a message by giving you a picture because he was, and still is unable to use words. The lady was my late wife and the reason they were arm in arm was because he had to be led by the arm or hand wherever he went. He did not understand danger, and he could not walk without help and guidance. Because of his disability I have always wondered if he had found my wife on the other side, and Beverley gave me that peace of mind and final confirmation I was waiting for, that they are together and he has found his mother.I cannot thank Beverley enough for giving me this confirmation and bringing this comfort to my life."


David, Sussex

"Beverley made me feel very much at ease. She took the time to explain what happens in a reading and this also made me feel at ease. She has a very empathic approach and has the ability of making one feel relaxed. Her evidence was 10 out of 10, giving a high level of information that was varied, for example, places, the person’s interests and their exact personalities as well as their names. I also had a lovely pertinent message of gratitude for me. Excellent session. Thank you."


Margaret, London

"I received a reading from Bev and think she's amazing. She removed all doubt that my grandmother was coming through. Bev described her physically to a T, but more than that, she got her personality and described her hobbies and interests. She also told me about the book my grandmother gave me to read when I was 15 that had such a huge impact on me. Bev is the real deal"

Geraldine, Massachusetts USA I saw Bev today for the very first time for a spiritual meeting. I am a great believer in life after life but do not expect miracles. Bev was extremely accurate...she told me information that only close family members would know. Bev makes you feel really comfortable as soon as you meet her. Truly amazing...see you soon in one of your workshops...thank you so much 

"I went to Bev with a lot of questions! Without even knowing it she answered every single one! I needed guidance that day and I certainly got it! Thank you so much. Xx 💜💕💜💕"

Julie, Luton 

"I just had a reading done with this amazing lady. It was totally brilliant, my mum came through and not only did Bev name her children, she told me of her life and her personality down to a tee , even to the green coat she wore ...  the sixpence i was given to buy sweets. It was amazing... and my boyfriend who was killed when i was just 16 ... his name his wit and his character... it was just totally amazing, I’d recommend Bev to anyone who’s interested in a reading, totally amazing , im still smiling 💕"

Julie, Belfast 

"I found Beverley to be warm, friendly and sincere with her professionalism. Her evidence was spot on, and she described the personalities of my loved ones in spirit together with loads of fond memories that mean so much. She also gave me some personal points regarding myself and my pathway. Thank you Beverley."


Michelle, Belfast

"The room she works from feels like pure love,I didn’t want to leave!❤️"

Janet, Heathrow 


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