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"Thank you so much Bev for this weekend's workshop. I loved it. I never dreamt that i could really do a reading and it's given me the confidence to develop this more. It's an incredible feeling when you make a breakthrough and i'm just at the beginning of this journey. And unlike some misconceptions there is nothing scary about mediumship at all. Just love light and helping others. What a lovely group of people too. Definitely going to do the next workshop on the 19th November :-)"

Mikaela, Hertfordshire

“Today I attend Bev Mann's mediumship class!! It rocked from beginning to end!! She nudges her students in pushing out of ones comfort zone allowing the spirit world to touch soul to soul!! Her unique ability to get the info from spirit in an engaging hands on way sets her apart!! You leave there feeling empowered and blended with the spirit world!! I highly suggest you see for yourself!! To know Bev Mann is to know love, dedication and service to others!! Thanks Bev Mann!!!!”

Moe, Plymouth Mass USA 

“I'm sure I speak for all, when I thank Beverley for her inspirational teaching yesterday at her sensitive medium workshop. The day was filled with laughter and love as Beverley brought out the confidence in us all leading to wonderful spirit communication throughout the whole day. Thankyou so much Beverley as you teach straight from the heart without judgement or ego.”

Nikki, London 

“Thanks everyone who participated in yesterday's workshop and thank you Beverley Mann Medium for your guidance from the heart! It was a great nite!!”

Lori, Boston USA

“My morning thoughts are this...  How refreshing it was to be at a workshop for mediumship and actually get tools in the toolbox to do it. Bev Mann, Mediumship from the Heart, who has studied at the Arthur Findlay College, helped us hone in on sitting in the 'Power' to receive, trust and then give forth what we receive with all of our ways of spirit sensing. Setting an intent, linking, trusting, asking perhaps to unfold a spirit communication that is not already perfected in our toolbox and give it.

No props, no gimmicks, just pure spirit work. I can't tell you how many i've seen promote and say they're teaching mediumship and it turns out to be all gimmicks and props. No thank you. I recommend Bev Mann for those whoever get the chance to sit in her unfoldment workshops. You will work...”

Suzanne, Connecticut USA

"Great time had by all....cannot wait to see what we use the eye blindfolds for next….LOL"

Donna, Boston USA

"Awesome night. Hoping Beverley Mann Medium comes back often."

Marsha, Boston USA

"Great night! learned some new the idea of letting spirit say what they want- not to throw questions at them..and the blindfolds! Thank you Beverley for new perspective!!"

Carol, Boston USA

"Meeting Bev has given me the opportunity to explore mediumship, something I have always been curious and drawn to. By learning the basics from scratch and having complete trust and faith in Bev, it has given me the confidence to achieve well in my spiritual development. I feel passionate about mediumship and I have met some fantastic people along the way, including a dear friend in Beverley.

The course is thorough, personal, fun, as well as meeting each and every individual’s needs.

Thank you Bev."

Michaela, London

"Thank you Beverley Mann Medium, I was able to give a better message by not asking questions. The exercises helped me listen to spirit and then I was able to get more. Thank you."

Maureen, USA

"I write to thank you for your wonderful workshops that I have attended, all of which I have thoroughly enjoyed, and felt I had come a long way. You are a very gifted lady, and work very hard for spirit, and Im sure they too, are equalled grateful. love and hope."

Ruth, London

"Came an excellent Tarot workshop hosted by Bev and the renowned Avril Price. This was an inspirational day and really rekindled my interest and love of Tarot. Looking forward to attending many more in the future. I like Bev’s workshops as she only invites the best in their field - eg Avril Price and good value too."

Michael, Hertfordshire

"I attended a wonderful two day mediumship development course with Bev and Jan in January 2015. I cannot praise enough the insights they shared and support they gave during the two days. I felt some trepidation to begin with simply due to my own nerves but as soon as I walked through the door on day one I felt completely at home and welcomed by both Bev and Jan as well as the rest of the group. The course was wonderful with amazing guidance and support and I opened up new levels of my own spirituality that I hadn't realised were there! I can't WAIT for the next course!! Thank you ladies - so much."

Vicki, Dunstable

"Thank you for such a wonderful day on the beginners psychic development workshop. It was a beautiful experience that I will always remember. The day was packed with information, guidance and practical activities that truly matched the pace we as a group were ready to work at. Without a doubt the most amazing part for me was being guided to make contact with my spirit friend.  That loving connection really is out of this world. You are such a warm hearted, welcoming host and very quickly helped those with beginners nerves feel relaxed and at ease.  For anyone interested in developing their spiritual path, I would highly recommend this one day course. It is brilliant, especially as no prior knowledge or experience is required. Thank you Bev."

Lisa, Herts.


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